(605) 725-1833

416 Production Street N
Aberdeen, SD 57401


  • What do your classes cost?

    Our monthly course calendar indicates the prices for our regularly scheduled classes. If you are looking for more customized training you can simply call our office at 605-725-1833 for more information.

  • What kind of certification do I get when I complete a class?

    Each participant has the opportunity to receive an embossed certificate from The Training Place signed by their instructor and the training coordinator. This certificate indicates the course name and the date completed. Some courses require additional testing to obtain professional certification or a state license.

  • Who are your instructors?

    Our instructors are from Aberdeen and the surrounding communities, each with many years of education and work experience in his or her respective fields. They are passionate about the areas they teach, and make the learning experience relevant for each student.

  • Where are your classes held?

    Many of our courses are held right here at The Training Place, 416 Production Street N. We have a 12 station computer lab with a SMART Board and a classroom with 2 large screen TVs .  Our welding and machine tool classes will be on-site at the A-TEC Academy on the campus of Aberdeen Central High School, and we also hold classes at various other locations depending on the requirements of the course.

  • Who are your students?

    We serve both individuals looking to further develop their job skills, as well as businesses seeking employee-training solutions.

  • Do you have evening and weekend classes?

    Yes. In addition to regularly scheduled classes that appear on our monthly calendar, we will also offer classes during evening and weekend hours by special request.

  • What if I don’t see the class I need on your training calendar?

    Let us know your training goals, and we will develop a class to meet your needs. Pricing will depend on the number of participants who decide to take the course.

  • How many hours does it take to acquire a CDL certification?

    As of now, you are not required to have “behind-the wheel” training, and you can schedule your CDL road test at any time (the law may be changing soon!).

    The road test will assess your ability to handle a semi-truck and trailer, including the ability to back up.

  • What advanced welding programs do you offer?

    Advanced welding has many components that will make up the price of the class depending on the type of welding process, type of material, number of students in the class and location of the class, to name a few.  There are so many moving parts we would like to do a customized quote for you – just let us know the specifics of your request.

  • How long has The Training Place been in business?

    The Training Place is a non-profit corporation that has been serving the Aberdeen community and surrounding areas under the auspices of Aberdeen Area Career Planning Center, NewTec, Inc (North Eastern Work and Technical Education Center), and most recently The Training Place since 1988.